Auto Ship with Price Protection

auto-ship dog food at sport dog food

Enjoy Peace of Mind. No more price increases.

Pay the same price, for up to a year, while you are enrolled in our Auto-ship program. 

Schedule automatic shipments of your favorite formula on a schedule you set.

new-icon.png Now save an EXTRA 5% with every AUTO SHIP order.
  • Never run out of food.
  • No commitments or fees.
  • Pay the same price for up to 12 months*
  • Pause, cancel, or change at anytime.

Qualified items will include an AutoShip icon. auto ship dog food at sport dog food

Once you are enrolled, you can cancel or change shipment, just fill out this form** and we'll handle the rest. We will send a confirmation email when changes are made.

** Important: We are suspending our autoship program until the new formulas are ready to ship.  Unfortunately, we are not able to keep up with all the autoship adjustments at this time and feel it would be better for you to be in control of your order instead of waiting for me to respond to your change requests and questions. 

What this means for you:  
1.  Yes we do have inventory of most of our formulas.  If you see it available on our site, you can buy it on your own.

2.  We will no longer be emailing you reminders about your autoship.
3.  If you recently responded that you would like you are ready next autoship, check your account to see if the order was actually placed.  If you don't see a recent order there, you can order on your own. 



* You will be charged the same price as when you enrolled for 12 consecutive months. Prices will adjust on the 12 month anniversary of your initial enrollment date or upon cancelling, which ever is sooner. If you cancel enrollment and decide to restart later, you will be charged the published prices at the time you restart your enrollment.