5-Star rated dog food at an affordable cost per pound.


Specifically formulated for Retrievers, Pointers, Agility Dogs, Hunting Dogs, K-9 Dogs

For professional breeders, kennels, and owners with multiple dogs, Elite is a high quality product at an affordable cost per pound and among only a few grain free formulas on the market formulated without Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas, or Flax. We hope you will consider adding SportDogFood as another healthy choice in your feeding rotation.

SportDogFood is a balanced diet infused with a unique blend of freeze-dried ingredients. All of our ingredients, including all Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals are sourced in the USA. At just 30% carbs, our Elite Recipes are an excellent option for dogs that have glycemic issues like hypoglycemia, diabetes, and frequent ear infections. We are excited to provide a nutrient rich, highly palatable formula.

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