Formula Field Notes


Formula Field notes


  • Sport Dog Food is Nutrient Rich. Based on customer feedback and experiences feeding our own dogs, we believe there is a significantly higher percentage of animal protein compared to most foods on the market today so we strongly suggest a full 10-14 day transition period.

  • Sport Dog Food Kibble is dense and is likely higher in Kcals than most traditional kibble. Please remember to review our suggested feeding guidelines. Most customers have reported they are feeding much LESS than their previous formula.

  • We use higher quality "Chelate” Minerals (better absorbed by the body) so at first you might experience a softer stool. If you experience loose stool, reduce your feeding amounts.

  • Every ingredient we use serves a positive purpose in the body. Better ingredients will result in your dog using more of the food. The more your pup uses, the less it will discard and soon you'll discover you'll be picking up less and saving more.

  • Sport Dog Food is naturally preserved. Keep dry kibble in a dark, dry area protected from extreme temperature swings and away from direct sunlight, Be sure to keep out of extreme heat. It is best to keep in original bag. If you use a container to store your food, please remember to wash sidewalls of any residual oil before you refill. The wrong storage container could cause a greasy film to build up on the container’s sides that will go rancid, cause the food to be distasteful and hasten food spoilage of any new food you add to the container.

  • Do Not Overfeed. Accidentally overfeeding is a common cause of loose stool and eventually weight gain.

  • Slowly incorporate into diet over a number of days mixing with present food, gradually reducing old food while increasing Sport Dog Food amounts. The amounts suggested may vary according to age, size, temperament, activity level, breed, and surroundings.

  • Most customer comments are repetitive and suggest longer transition and lowering your feeding amounts, especially if you do not exercise your dogs regularly.

  • Compare the Kcals per cup to your last formula? Our formulas could be as much as 15-25% more kcals per cup than popular commercial dry food..

  • We realize we can't be everything for everyone so we decided to focus on producing the healthiest food we can for sporting and working dogs while maintaining a fair price point. .

  • Did you transition a full 10-14 days? Even though your dog might be eating the same protein as your previous formula, they may still need more time to gradually get used to what is NOT in our formulas. Especially the elimination of Beet Pulp, Tomato Pomace, Flax Seed and lower grade proteins like Pork..

  • Important: Our Elite formulas do not contain Legumes (Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Powder, Lentils, Chickpeas and more).

Our ingredients are detailed in length on our website. I just checked, they are also listed on Amazon (toward bottom). If you scroll through the images you can find the ingredients on the backs of the bags too.

If you would like to contribute to our formula field notes, please contact us on our website or message us on facebook.

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