Returns & Refunds


No questions asked. No returns necessary. 

Our policy is very simple. If are feeding an active dog that is over 20-pounds and you or your active dog are not completely satisfied with the ingredients or flavor*, all we ask is that you contact us within 14 days of your purchase to discuss donating your un-used, un-expired portion of food to your favorite local shelter.

Our return policy is designed so you can test the food on your active dog over 20-pounds. We appreciate your trying the smallest size before investing in larger bulk bags. We Limit 1 bag credit, per customer, up to 40-pounds, breed must be over 20-pounds.

All you have to do is send us the receipt of the donation and we'll issue a credit for 100% of your purchase - no questions asked! 

Trouble getting a receipt of the donation? No problem, email me, and we can talk about simpler ways to document the donation with your smart phone.


*Limit 1 bag credit, per customer, up to 40-pounds. Consecutive returns must be 90 days apart.

*We do not recommend Elite Formulas for dogs under 20-pounds. SportDogFood is specifically formulated and tested on larger dogs that exercise regularly. The handlers that have found the most success are feeding dogs over 20-pounds. Our kibble is very dense. Some formulas can offer as much as 500 kcals per cup. This leavevery little room for error when calculating your daily feeding amounts. Iother words, it is very easy to accidentally overfeed a smaller dog using our food.