Imagine you’re hiking on your favorite trail with your pack and you magically connect with a group of people just like you. You ask them about fueling for your next long outing. Two miles down the trail and just over the hill you see a lake with a floating dock, and you wonder, maybe I’ll take up Dock Diving this season. Every dog owner has questions and sometimes we don’t know where to turn for guidance.

We have been busy at work building our new website just for you and soon you’ll be able to connect with us in all kinds of ways. Instead of just showcasing our products, Michele and I have set the bar a little higher.

“Sport Dog Food is no longer just dry dog food; now it is a mentality, a way of life.“

Think of us as the small town you grew up in. Where you can come and settle in to a simpler state of mind and ask those questions about the canine sport you’ve always wanted to try; where everyone is encouraged to get a little mud under their paws.  We’re creating a community for you to share your passion and experiences with other active dog lovers and open forums for those with questions and curiosity.

Are you preparing for your first backpacking or RVing adventure with your pets and you’re unsure what to pack? Don't worry, your extended canine family is here to empower you with advice to make sure your trip is a success! Are you considering running a local 5k with your pup and you don’t know where to begin? We've got you covered; checkout our tips.

We’re not going to feed you with recycled blogs; our communities will be RUN BY YOU and we’re going to do everything we can to inspire you to get your outside on.

Share your Passion with us! Do you have a skill or profession and would like to play a part in Sport Dog Food's growth? We’re looking for some talented Alphas to join our pack and help us create a network of lighthearted, health conscious, active pet parents that include their dogs in everything they do.

Take an active role or just lend a hand. If you are interested in helping us expand our family business please fill out our form.  If you know someone who can help, just tell them to visit visit fueledbyfamily.com

We are so excited to team up with all of you!


Michele, Lainey and Philip

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